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Business customer

Ordering for professionals 

Most of the sales of the farm are locally to restaurants and shops in the Oslo area 

If you wish to order for a restaurant, shop, hotel, canteen or similar - follow the link below to get to our BtoB ordering plattform. 


About Dagens - how it works and delivery times:

  • Dagens is a direct sales plattform that facilitates direct sale between producers and chefs + other businesses.
  • When using Dagens keep in mind that it is still a direct trade with us. So if you have any questions contact us directly. 
    • Phone: +47 40073434 - If we do not pick up - write an SMS 
    • Email: kontakt@bergsmyrene.no
  • Deliveries
    • Tuesdays - dagens distribution
    • Thursdays - we deliver in person
      • Fridays - If you prefer friday to thursday contact us and we will send it with Dagens distribution
  • Seasonality
    • Remember that nature works in seasons, and so do we.
      All of our products are a product of natural processes and will not be available all year round. Every vegetable has its window.
      And that window might not be exactly the same from year to year.
      When working with local producers like us you will have to ajust to those windows. 
      We do our best to have things available for as long as possible. But sometimes the season starts or stops suddenly. That is the challenge of working with nature, but also what makes it so much fun.